Worship Reflection Sunday

Hello everyone!

For this week’s 2nd Look I invite you to ask yourself a very simple question:

God, what are you doing in my life?

This is a very powerful question. The problem is, we so often forget to ask it.

It assumes God is truly present with us.
It assumes God IS actually doing something… WITH US!  
It assumes we can actually have a sense of what it is.

What are the kinds of things God is doing?
Well, He is powerfully present with His Holy Spirit in our lives.  
The Spirit reveals things to us; he challenges us, encourages us, empowers us, confronts us, loves us, emboldens us, strengthens us, guides us.

God does all kinds of things.  

What is God doing in my life?
Let me invite you to ask this question…

Have a great week everyone and may God grant you his glorious peace!

Pastor Ryan