Worship is Forever

2nd Look- 11.28.16

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s second look.

For these next few weeks I will be shifting gears a little bit and doing more specifically Advent themed second looks.

For this week I’d like to invite you to read the story of Zechariah in Luke 5:1-25. Maybe try to read it several times this week. Try to close your eyes and picture the scene in your mind, or even try to put yourself in Zechariah’s shoes. What thoughts, emotions do you feel in this passage? What things do you notice or observe? On Sunday we will get into this story and my hope is for you to spend some time with it this week!

Also if you want more information about Advent; here’s a link that helps explain it.


The article explains that Advent is intended to be a time of fasting and this fasting aligns us with being expectant and even mourning over the state of our world- waiting for the return of our Savior. Have you ever fasted?

Fasted is the intentional giving up of something in order to turn towards prayer. What I’ve done during the advent season is to fast something and every time I desire that thing I’m fasting, I turn towards God in prayer remembering that we are in a season of waiting. Perhaps you might consider fasting something.

Anyway, let’s have a wonderful week and enjoy this season of looking forward to that time when we will see our Savior face to face; and also look forward to that time where we can celebrate his birth!


Have a great week!

Pastor Ryan