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What are Spiritual Gifts and Why Do They Matter?
By Pastor ryan low
What are Spiritual Gifts and Why Do They Matter?
This is a great question! Basically put; when we become Christians God gives us His Holy Spirit to be our constant companion, teacher, encourager, and challenger. He dwells in our hearts and one of the wonderful things He does is He empowers us for ministry. He gives us spiritual gifts. Some of these gifts show up at certain times for specific occasions. Like when God might call us to pray for someone’s healing and we find they were healed! Or maybe God gives you a special message for someone in which there was no way you could’ve known otherwise. God moves situationally like this although some folks may find they pray for the healing of others, or have specific words on a regular basis, too.
The Holy Spirit will also give you a gift that is more long term. It will show up repeatedly throughout your life. Some examples of this may be a gift of encouragement, or teaching, or helping others. Some people find they have a radical generosity, or maybe even find themselves being led and hungry to share the Gospel regularly. These are more long term gifts and what you will find is that these gifts are often connected with what you are passionate about. God stirs these passions within you and they can be a great indicator of your spiritual gifts.

If you are a Christian, you have at least one spiritual gift and it is a blessing! It’s the doorway to one of the most exciting parts of the Christian life. When we serve out of our giftedness, we connect with who God has made us to be.

So how do I figure out what my gifts are?

1. Here’s a link that has resources for you, like a spiritual gift inventory test to help you discover more about yourself.

2. Pray and earnestly ask God to show you how He’s gifting you. He wants you to live in line with your gifting. He will show you this!

3. Once again, look at your passions and gifts. Often times you’ll find you may have some natural talents that line up with giftedness. God didn’t screw up on you, He’s very intentional! When pastor Ryan was a kid, back before he was a Christian, he used to be the kid that everyone in the neighborhood could hang out with. He knew how to get along with all kinds of different people. Once he got saved, this talent began to take on a new dimension, now he can minister to many different types of people from different backgrounds. The talent and passion was already there as a child, but when God entered Ryan’s life- He took that talent and began to lead him in it and pile upon it. This is what makes life with God so exciting. He’s not a bad father, He gives you good gifts. Look at what you are passionate about.
4. Ask other Christians whose faith you respect and who know you, where they think your gifting is.
5. Try out different ministry opportunities at church. Some times we need to try some new things to experience our giftedness; to see what’s a good fit.
A spiritual gift is just that. It’s a wonderful gift. The Bible tells us to earnestly seek the gifts. May God bless you as you experience your spiritual giftedness.