Week 2

Hello project blessers!

Another week has begun and with it – the question of – who do I bless and how?  For some of us; this is actually a difficult question to answer. Why?  Well if you’re anything like my wife; it’s probably because you bless people in your immediate life all the time.  My wife cooks, cleans; organizes; packs lunches; sits and listens; helps with homework; cleans some more; folds laundry; and much more. If you are anything like her – it may be hard to imagine doing more than you already are – it may feel quite overwhelming.
     Certainly – we are not interested in making you more busy – or in overwhelming you; however sometimes what is most special about blessing someone is that you did so intentionally; and it doesn’t need to be a big thing.  It could be something small like a short letter or email of encouragement.  Maybe it’s buying someone a special treat, or buying or making a batch of cookies.  Our hope in doing a project like this is to basically bring a rhythm or habit of blessing others into your life. If you are a habitual “blesser” already – then maybe this project is here to help encourage you to continue and to help you build on what you already do.
    My hope for you is that this week you find someone to bless and then bless their socks off!!!  have a great week everyone!
Pastor Ryan