We Are Children of the King, 1 John 2:29-3:10

The passage DeRon spoke on this week was 1 John 2:29-3:10. I invite you to do a Lectio Divina of this passage with your group.


Once you’ve completed the Lectio please discuss these questions.

1) What is something God spoke to you about as we read this passage?

2) What was this like for you?

3) How might you respond to what He showed you?


Lectio Divina

A Quick Guide for Next Step Groups


The following is an ancient practice used throughout different branches of the church. It is basically translated as “Divine Reading.” Lectio Divina is an approach to reading the bible prayerfully. It draws you to listen to God as you read the Bible in a very fresh and sometimes challenging way. Below we will outline the simple process of Lectio Divina!


Part 1: “Silencio”- As you begin, take a few moments to quietly prepare your heart. Take a moment to realize you are in God’s presence, slow down, relax, and quiet the busyness or chaos of your day. Simply take 1-2 minutes to do this. Then at the end, invite the Holy Spirit to lead your time of reflection upon the Word.


Part 2: “Lectio”Read a biblical passage together, slowly, clearly. As one member of the group reads, everyone needs to listen to the verse. If there is a word or phrase from the verse that stands out to you- catches your attention- just pay attention to it. You don’t need to figure it out. Simply note that this stood out to you. And ask the Lord to lead you in this. Take 1 minute to reflect


Part 3: “Meditatio” – Have a different member of the group read the same passage again. This time as you listen to the words think about what made these words significant to you. What makes these words stand out? What do you think these words might be saying? What is the Lord’s invitation for you to understand in these words? Take 1 Minute to meditate.


Part 4: “Oratio” – Have a different person read the same passage again. This time as they read it slowly and clearly use that time to pray. What feelings do these words bring up? Is there anything in you that wants to push back against this? Is there some invitation here that you see calls you into a deeper relationship with God? Talk to God about these things. Take 1 minute to pray.


Part 5: Contemplatio – Take 1 minute to contemplate, rest and sit with the Lord. Let these words continue to sink into your soul. Pray and recognize you are surrendering your will to God.