To Judge or Not to Judge?

Hello everyone,
After this last Sunday’s sermon – one of you felt it was important to re-assert with me that while we are called to not be judgmental – that sometimes this is taken too far leaving us at a place where we don’t feel we can say anything is wrong because we are afraid of “judging others.” I think this is an extremely valid point, and I’m grateful to this person for sharing their thought with me. What Jesus is really addressing here is not whether we can say something is wrong – but if we are being hypocritical as we make judgments of others.

Jesus is painting a picture of a community in which people are helping each other remove the specs and planks from each others’ eyes all the while doing this with truth, humility and mercy. All the while this requires God’s leading with which we continue to ask God for in prayer trusting He is a good father and will provide it.

So Jesus is calling us to be a community marked by truth, humility and mercy; rather than judgmental, “Holier than thou,” kind of living. I pray we will be that. Sometimes this means we need to take an extra effort to give someone the benefit of a doubt and get to the truth with them. Sometimes this means we need to admit that we are not perfect either and that sometimes this person hurt us and we are partly to blame as well…Sometimes it means we need to admit we have labeled someone as a lost cause when in reality God loves them and doesn’t see them that way at all…the question is: Lord – how do you want me to see this person? Lord how do you see them? Do I have a right to see them otherwise?

This week – ask the Holy Spirit if there is someone you have judged without truth, humility and mercy. If so – ask God to help you look at this person and fight for these three things…God is faithful we can trust He will provide! Remember – Jesus looks at you with truth and mercy. Does this reality overflow from us to others? You live in a state of His grace and there is a song by Matt Redman where he says: Freely I’ve received now freely to give. Here it is.

Have a wonderful week everybody!
Pastor Ryan