The Spirit, The Flesh and The Battle of Sin, Romans 8:5-14

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s 2nd look!


I have a simple invitation for you this week. Read this passage of scripture: Philippians 4:8. Then ask yourself this question: What is going on with my mind? Where does my mind go? How can I feed my mind more with the truth of Christ?


I remember I did this diet once and at the beginning they asked me to make a list of the foods I ate the prior week. It was pretty amazing to see all the food I was putting in my body that was actually bad for me, and conversely, how little I put food that was good for me. I think you’d be amazed to see how this not only applies to what we eat but also to how we treat our minds. If you’re really daring you can make a roadmap of what you give your mind to during the week. You may be amazed.


As always, my prayers for you all is that God would grant you His peace and bless you with a deeper love and desire for Him!


Have a great week everyone!

Pastor Ryan