Worshipping Together

2nd Look 11.08.16

Hi folks and welcome to the 2nd Look for this week.


I want to simply invite you to consider this question this week:

Who is spurring me on towards love and good deeds?

Who am I spurring on?

These are 2 great questions for us to wrestle with? My hope is that each of us would be able to answer this question when asked because I truly believe this will enrich your life with God. We are meant to worship Him with our lives and we are meant to do that with others!

Take some time this week and consider these simple questions. You may want to write down the names that come to mind. If you cannot think of someone, take some time to pray about this and ask God whom He might want you to move towards; so that this can be a part of your life.

I truly believe one of the greatest gifts God gives us, is actually the relationships we have with each other. It’s not always easy- sometimes it just flat out goes haywire- but the potential involved in this may actually be worth the risk. I can look back over my life and it is relationships that were and are deeply significant to me that have changed my life for the better. I pray they will do the same for you!

May God remind you of his love for you this week!

Pastor Ryan