Sunday’s Summer Discussions

We have an exciting opportunity for you. At 9:30am on Sunday mornings we will be showing a video from our rightnowtraining online resource library. Hearing from different men of God on a variety of topics. Each video clip will be between 15 and 30 minutes long and then we will follow up with some time to discuss what we’ve just watched. The topics range from issues of hearing God in our day to day life – to how God wants us to handle His money in our bank accounts – to what faith is – to the parable of the prodigal son – and much more. Come join us every Sunday morning for the remainder of the summer at 9:30am and prepare to have your mind blown.  If you would like to access these videos, request a login here.

July 7: “The Whisper Led Life – Practice, Practice, Practice” – Bill Hybels

July 14: “The Amazing Power of Prayer” – Jim Cymbala

July 21: “Biblical Finance” – Dave Ramsey

July 28: “The Number One Money Myth” – Dave Ramsey

August 4: “The Divine Conspiracy” – John Ortberg and Dallas Willard

August 11: “The Me I Want To Be – Discovering The Spirit – John Ortberg

August 18: “Better Odds – Reflections on Faith – Andy Stanley

August 25: “The Parable” (A Look At The Prodigal Son) – Tim Keller


Thank God for grandmothers! just want to praise God for grandmothers and mine in particular.  When my grandmother realizied that my parents were not going to go to church and take me along, she stepped up to the plate and said she would take me to Sunday School.  I was about three years old and can still remember going to Sunday School and learning and singing all the Bible songs.  Every week I couldn’t wait to go back to Sunday School.  Then I remember in our neighborhood we had some Jewish neighbors who had a yard mart selling swings, slides, gliders, etc.  I would get on one of their gliders and start singing Jesus loves me at the top of my lungs.  Sometimes when their relatives were coming over they would give me a quarter to start singing Jesus Loves Me.  They thought that it was funny, a gentile girl singing Christian songs in a Jewish store. My grandmother thought it was very cute.
Thanks for letting me share a good memory.