Watch Your Language

Hello everyone!
This year I’ve been reading a “One Year Bible.” I have loved being on this incredible journey through the Bible one day at a time. At this point in the year, I am finishing up reading the life and work of king Solomon. Just recently I had an opportunity to read The Proverbs. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the book but I marveled at how many proverbs had to do with the warnings and instruction on how we are to use our language. This was the subject of Sunday’s sermon and so I thought it would be apropos to share with you some of the Biblical proverbs. I’d like to invite you to join me this week in reading these. There is incredible wisdom and insight here – as well as truth. May God bless you this week. Here are the proverbs:
Proverbs (By chapter)
10:11; 10:13-14; 10:18-21; 10:31-32;
12:17-19; 12:23;
15:1-4; 15:7;
16:24; 16:27-28;
18:6-8; 18:21;
19:1;19:5; 19:28;
24:15-16Have a great week everybody!
Pastor Ryan