Empty Tomb

Hello SNC friends and family!
Here’s my encouragement for you this week: What does the empty tomb mean to you? What did it mean to the disciples? They went from men afraid and locked up in a house – huddled in self protection – when they encountered the risen Christ. Next thing you know – they are preaching in the temple – the place being managed by the men that had Jesus killed. Something changed. The empty tomb was not a “so what” moment. It was a life-changing earth shaking cataclysmic moment. What is it to you guys?

I’m not asking this question to shame you. God is not a fan of shame. But He is a fan of truth. Perhaps you are at a place in your life where the empty tomb means nothing to you. Or perhaps it is something that blows your mind and inspires you to follow Jesus. Either way – the only place we can start is an honest place. What does the empty tomb mean to you? I’d also like to ask you to pray that God would open your mind and heart to all the empty tomb can mean for you. 

The truth is – when the disciples encountered the empty tomb it began a radically new vision of life – a radically new direction in life – for them. I think this can be true for us as well.

What direction might the Lord be desiring to take you on? Are you open to it? What holds you back? These are all great questions to reflect on, then offer to the Lord for His guidance.

I truly hope you had a blessed Easter. This next Sunday we will begin a new series I am very excited about. Life Beyond Survival: A Study Of The Sermon On The Mount!

You wont want to miss it!!
God bless you this week my friends!

Pastor Ryan