A Father’s Blessing

Hello my fellow beloved of God!
I invite you this week to listen to this song. At the heart of this song is a simple truth- that we are blessed by God and in his love ALREADY!
I pray this song will bless you this week.

May God’s peace be with you

Pastor Ryan

Here’s the link to the song


God Has Chosen Us

Hello SNC friend and family!
This past week we looked at an amazing truth – God has chosen us!

If you are anything like me – you may have caught yourself trying to work for God’s approval. If I could be a better Christian; I need to be out of debt; I need to be addiction free; I need to read my Bible for hours a week. These are thoughts that have often run through my mind and the other side of it is – when I don’t do these things then God is angry with me. (I think God is grieved more than He is angered – His “anger” has been satisfied by Christ on the cross.)

The truth is: “It’s already been done.” It was decided long ago before we even took our first breath. I want to give you a link to a song by a band called “Rush of Fools.” This song has ministered to me for years. My hope is that it will minister to you this week (click here).

May God bless you,
Pastor Ryan