How The Holy Spirit Leads

Hello SNC Friends!

For this week’s second look I’d like to start by directing you to a Bible verse.


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Romans 8:28


This past Sunday we talked about three invitations the Holy Spirit gives us. He gives us an Invitation To Truth; and Invitation To Know And Live In The Grace Of God; and an Invitation To Something That Brings Glory To Jesus. Each of these invitations are not “Overnight Results” kind of things. They are like journeys. God will often invite us into a truth journey and it can take some time – but are we willing to follow where he leads us- even if it is painful? Sometimes – to learn grace – we need God to do some healing work freeing up the places in our hearts where we cannot receive God’s grace. That can take time – and can sometimes be painful. And Sometimes – the invitation to something that brings glory to Jesus can take years to develop. You may be doing something in ten years that is way out of what you expected you would be because God has been slowly moving you in that direction! Sometimes that journey of trusting God and choosing to do the things that honor Jesus are scary – or seem undesirable – and yet – this is God’s invitation. Do we take it?

We look for these invitations – these fingerprints of God but in the end – it all comes down to whether we truly believe this verse above. I’d like to invite you this week to read this verse with me every day. Take five minutes and consider it’s words – let it roll around in your mind. You might be amazed what this verse may say to you over this week.
May God bless you guys – have a great week!


Pastor Ryan