The “Safety Maker”

2nd Look- 6.7.16

“God put you in my path… I had no choice”

This week we looked at what makes us a safe presence to others and one of the biggest contributing factors is Radical Hospitality.

What is this?

Radical Hospitality seeks to show people:

  • They are valuable because they are human- that they are not a lost cause, or not worth our time. Every person is valuable simply because they exist, not based on what they do, their successes or failures, their appearance, their status or wealth, their age, gender, or ethnicity; but simply because they are a human being.
  • They are wonderfully made by God- talented with something great to offer.
  • They are important and loved by God.

This is the path of Jesus in what he did; what he said and what he taught. Everywhere Jesus went- we see him doing these things.

I love the line we opened this article with. I think it would be amazing for us to arrive at a place where we had eyes to see things this way; that God puts people in our path and there is a great blessing for us should we engage and seek to show Radical Hospitality. Such great blessing that we would come to see that there really is no choice.
So who has God placed in your path? This week, I’d like to invite you to think about that and to ask the Lord to give you eyes to see whom he is directing you to. Think this week about with whom you can practice Radical Hospitality with.

May God’s peace settle in your hearts this week!

Pastor Ryan