Holy Week

I meant to post this earlier-but we have this epidemic of stomach flu in our home which has curtailed our plans of getting out of town and kept us here.  Which I have to say, was not what I had planned.  I had all these hopes in my heart of laying on the sand of a lakeshore listening to the sounds of my two babes playing in the water…being unplugged and away.  But my plans didn’t happen.

The past few days have challenged me to my selfish core.  I can be as nurturing and caring as I need to be, but once the chaos of the day goes to sleep, I’m left with laundry, dishes, disinfectant wipes and the reality of my reality.  That no matter what I have planned-there are things unseen that trump the plan.  It’s inconvenient.  This inconvenience reveals a heart that is selfish, tired, and even prideful and angry.

I wonder if this is what the disciples felt at all…even just a little, as this week was occuring.  They had all of these plans.  They were with the Savior.  They were the chosen men. I wonder if they were walking tall.  Have you ever taken this weeks account from their perspective?   Jesus had been trying to show them all along how they needed to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow him.  The next few days will challenge their plans to their core.  Yet we get to see the other side of the story-we get the retrospective view that even in their selfish and cowardly states, Jesus still called them chosen and used them to build His kingdom.  Praise the Lord for His amazing sacrifice of giving us His Son to save us from ourselves.

Below is the week’s events through Mark’s Gospel.  Each day read a chapter below.  Sunday, although it’s late, should be Mark 11.

Monday – Mark 12

Tuesday – Mark 13

Wednesday – Mark 14:1-26

Thursday – Mark 14:26-72

Friday -Mark 15

When you read these passages this week, these are some pretty huge chunks of Scripture.  If there is one section of the chapter that stands out to you, let that piece of the Word remain and dwell with you during the day and at night, if you don’t know how to end your day, journal about that piece of Scripture that stood out to you.  Talk to the Lord about it.  What was it about that particular piece that was difficult, meaningful, touching, or noteworthy?  After your conversation and journal time with the Lord, end your night with the Lord’s prayer.

Peace to you this week.  I pray Mark’s gospel brings you into a clear view of what makes this Holy Week.