Palm Sunday Revisited

SNC Brothers and Sisters!
Wow what a morning we had at SNC!!! It was quite a roller coaster.
The police were seeking to apprehend someone – they had them handcuffed and the person managed to get away from them. This began a huge manhunt that resulted in 25 of us being locked inside the church – while many of you were locked out. It was quite an adventurous morning.
But alas – the adventure ended around 10:50am on Palm Sunday morning and we were able to go ahead and have a church service at 11. Many of you were able to participate. For those of you who may be new – this is not a normal occurrence. In fact everything is fine and we will be ready to go for Easter Sunday.
Who can you invite to church this Easter? Pray about it – see who the Lord may lead you to. Pick up your invitations in the church office this week. Easter Sunday will be an awesome time of worship together! We are looking forward to it!

If I can give you one final suggestion – take some time this week to read Mark 11-16. This is the story of the “Passion Week” for Jesus. Take some time this week to consider Jesus’ road to the cross – so that we can be FREED!!!!

Have a wonderful week everybody.
Pastor Ryan