The Struggle Is Real

2nd Look
Got The Skills Part 1
Divine Anticipation
Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s 2nd look.

This past Sunday we began a new series looking at life skills we can develop that make our faith magnetic to others. The first skill is Divine anticipation. What is this? Divine anticipation is living with the trust that God is near and He is able; that He wants to work through us, and that when we follow Him; He will move.

After sharing this- we looked at three ways for us to build divine anticipation in our lives. I invite you to join me with one of those things this week.

Counting your blessings.

Take time each day to count your blessings. You might want to make a list in a journal. It doesn’t have to be a long time. You can do this for a few minutes each day. It’s really quite simple though. Just take some time- to consider all the ways God has blessed you. No blessing is too big or too small to count. It’s amazing that as you do this- you may find your list growing longer and longer.

Why do this? Because as we begin to count our blessings we are once again made aware of God’s presence. This is one of the big challenges for us as Christians. We often forget God is near, and that He is for us! He is in our corner. He is on our side. He wants what is best for us.

Let’s be reminded this week of God’s presence! Join me in counting your blessings.

Have a great week everybody!

Pastor Ryan