Humility, Gentleness, and Patience

Hello everyone –

For this week’s 2nd look can I make a simple request?

I need folks who are willing to open each day praying to God for Him to develop humility; gentleness; patience and forbearing in our lives as a church. That God would give us His Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that we might know Him better as individuals and as a church.

As a pastor I can bang on you guys and scream and tell you: “darnit we need to be humble;” but in the end it doesn’t matter much what I say – humility; gentleness and patience are all fruits of walking in step with God’s Spirit. We can strive towards these things – but we can’t really get very far without God’s work in our hearts… We must pray for these things!!!

Please join me this week, in praying for these qualities to grow within our church.

Have a blessed week everybody!!

Pastor Ryan