Jesus and the Storm, Mark 4:35-41

“When faith is M.I.A.,
fear is not far away.”

Good morning SNC brothers and sisters.
It’s 2nd look time!
This week I invite you to consider the question I left you wit on Sunday.
The question went something like this:
Think about something you are nervous, worried or scared about in your life. Something that may feel like a storm coming against your “boat.” Now think about how you view Jesus in the midst of that storm? Does He seem distant, aloof, uncaring, or the opposite? In your mind is He the one with the solution or do you feel tempted to look elsewhere? Who is Jesus for you in the midst of this storm?
Bring this to God in prayer this week and consider Mark 4:35-41 again as you pray.  We mustn’t forget who Jesus is and just what He is capable of! 
Have a great week everybody and may God strengthen you in the grace of Jesus Christ!
Pastor Ryan

A Most Unlikely Prophecy

2nd Look


Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s 2nd look!

I want to invite you to watch this youtube link this week.

This is a song we will be doing quite often this year it’s called: “Jesus, son of God”.

This song is a simple and wonderful reminder of the amazing greatness of Jesus and his incredible love for us. We need to have both truths be firmly in our minds.


Please enjoy this song as much as you can. Have a wonderful week!


Pastor Ryan