2nd Look

Hello Everyone!

And we’re off!

The series of tough questions has begun. What I’d like to do with this week’s 2nd look is to give you some resources for the journey ahead. Are you a book reader, see the post below for some books below that you might find very helpful and stimulating in this process. Are you a person who reads articles? I have some great website resources for you. My hope is that with these things you will find nuanced arguments that are sophisticated and not hokey. It has been a huge relief to me through the years to find that Christianity has a defense and brilliant men and women are standing in the gap – debating at the highest levels of philosophy and science. Take some time this week to check out some of these resources. I think you might be pretty surprised to see all that is out there. Have a great week everybody!

Pastor Ryan

Pastor Ryan’s favorite books & articles on Defending the Faith

Lee Strobel: The Case For A Creator
Lee Strobel: The Case For Faith
Lee Strobel: The Case For Christ
Lee Strobel: The Case For The Real Jesus
Paul Copan: Is God a Moral Monster
Paul Copan: How Do You Know You’re Not Wrong
Paul Copan: When God Goes To Starbucks
John Lennox: Gunning For God- Why The New Atheists Are Missing The Mark
John Lennox: God And Stephen Hawking
John Lennox: God’s Undertaker- Has Science Buried God
Gary Habermas: The Case For The Resurrection Of Christ
Gregory Boyd: letter From A Skeptic
C. Stephen Layman: Letters To Doubting Thomas
William Lane Craig: Hard Questions Real Answers
Dr. Steve Kumar: Christianity For Skeptics
Tim Keller: The Reason For God
There are many, many more- I truly hope this can be helpful to you in the days ahead as we take a deeper look at the defense of Christianity!