Has Science Buried God? Part 1

Has Science buried God? Have we found enough evidence through the rigorous study of science – to sufficiently dismiss a need to look to a God for answers on why we are here – why the universe exists; what truly gives us meaning and purpose and so forth? There are some voices out there that would claim we have; that science has given us all we need to sufficiently and confidently leave our archaic faith in God behind. But has science really done this?

A few weeks back I had a very lengthy and pleasant conversation with a man who identifies himself as an atheist. He told me that he was not a religious person at all – but that he felt he was a man who placed his trust in science. The assumption he made in this statement was that the two are polar opposites. You either are a religious man – or a man of science – however, I find that this distinction between the two is not necessary. In other words – you don’t need to be one or the other as a matter of fact – I think there is no good reason why you cannot and should not be both.
This past weekend we discussed some scientific findings in the universe that seem to imply not only a cause behind the universe’s existence – but a designer. Now, to be fair – each of the “fine tuning” points I made in the sermon are debated although I still find these fine tuning arguments more compelling than the arguments against them and I’m not alone; many in the scientific community do. In fact a new theory has emerged called the “multiverse” and it is somewhat of an answer or response to how our universe could appear to be so specifically fine tuned. The theory states that maybe it’s because there are millions of universes out there – some universes exist without capability of supporting life and some universes do exist with this capability. So we just happen to live in one of those universes. It’s like saying: Yea we know the universe is fine tuned but it’s no big deal because there are millions of possible universes out there – this one just happens to work and so we live in this universe… The problem with this statement is that there seems to be no real hard evidence – no real evidence at all for the existence of a multiverse – nor an explanation for why there is such a multiverse and where it came from. In other words – it takes faith to believe in a multiverse – big time faith – I would propose even more blind faith than some have accused me of having for believing in a God who created everything and yet there are some scientists out there who believe in the multiverse. One scientist named Martin Rees concedes that he sees fine tuning in the universe – but he attributes it to the existence of a multiverse – here’s what he says: “If on does not believe in providential design, but still thinks the fine tuning needs some explanation, there is another explanation – a highly speculative one, so I should reiterate my health warning at this stage. It is the one I much prefer, however even in our present state of knowledge any such preference can be no more than a hunch…” What’s he saying? Basically he’s saying: “I know it’s no more than a hunch, this multiverse – but I prefer it anyway…” At the very least this is not scientific fact – it’s a highly speculative hunch that explains why we might see fine tuning without referring to a designer; but nevertheless; only a hunch it seems. Is it not fair at least to say someone needs to exercise some bit of “faith” to explain away a possible designer behind a universe with what appears to be… Design? And I must also add- there are new arguments arising that suggest that should we discover a multiverse – it wouldn’t necessarily disprove the existence of God even then.

Here’s my point:

We are asking the question – has science buried God. From what we have seen science has not seemed to bury God but on the contrary some could argue that science points us to God. This is very exciting when we consider this because we may find such a highly respected field of study like science – showing us divine fingerprints throughout the universe. For me – it fills my mind and heart with awe. And I am reminded of David’s words in Psalm 8: “What is man that you are mindful of him?”

Did you know that He is mindful of you?  He is not only mindful of you – He has considered you a friend – an heir to his throne – an adopted child – His beloved. You don’t believe me?  Go on google search and type in: “I am God’s friend” or “I am an heir to God’s throne” or “I am God’s beloved.” You’ll likely find a Scripture reference that talks about this. The God who made all of this – the God whose fingerprints we can see on this universe – who finely tuned it all – is not only aware of you – but loves you. My hope and prayer for you this week – is that you will be reminded of not only God’s amazing power – but His wonderful love.

I’d like to give you an assignment. It’s called a beauty project. For some time every day this week – take some time to enjoy nature. Maybe it means you get outside – or maybe you watch a movie; tv show – or look at beautiful pictures online. Take sometime to just marvel at the creation of God and let that bring you back to the reminder – you are loved by the same God who made all of this! You are loved by the same God who imagined colors – or wove the stars into space – the same God who conceived of Yosemite; the same God who can dip a finger in the ocean and stir a tidal wave; this same God – loves you. Be at peace this week for you are known and loved my friend.

Pastor Ryan