Sunday Night Worship at SNC

Regarding our upcoming Sunday night worship service!

Here is some information for you.

– When: on Sundays- 6:00 pm

• Will we be doing this forever? No. We are planning to do these services until late October, or until something has changed regarding our county-wide- Covid situation and requirements and we are able to congregate back indoors.

• When will the services end? Well, we don’t want to tell the Spirit when He has to end the services (he’s the boss!) but our guess is it will be somewhere between an hour to an hour and a half.

• Where: SNC parking lot!

• Who can come? anyone!

• Can I bring my kids? Yes!

• Will there be a kids program? For the time being we will not have a program, but your dear kids are welcome to sit or stand with you in worship! We would ask you to be considerate of others there in regards of distractions, and try to not let your kids run around haphazard. Hey we get it; kids are kids; but if we can try to keep them near us that would be very helpful to everyone else.

• Can I bring food and beverage? Yes you can! Since we are outside we don’t need to worry about food being spilled. please no alcoholic beverages, and please make sure your food trash finds its way to a trash can, or home with you.

• When can I arrive? Gates will open at 530.

• How will seating and all that stuff go? great question! We are asking anyone who attends to either bring their own seat, or blanket or both. From there we will place people within social distancing guidelines. There is plenty of space out there for all of us.

• Will I need to wear a mask? Yes, we would ask you bring a mask with you, and wear it when you are hugging others. As we are outside and distanced, we feel ok to sing without masks- however if you wish to wear a mask you absolutely may.

• Am I NOT allowed to hug people? You can hug people, but ask them first and please wear a mask when you hug, also please consider using sanitizer before and after you hug others. If you don’t wish to be hugged or touched, please feel free to let people know. there’s no shame there!

• Will there be parking? yes. We will direct you.

• Won’t it be hot? It’s September 🙂 That is a strong possibility. but evenings should begin to cool down and where we sit will be in shade for the entire duration of the service.

• Will I need to clean up after myself? yes please?

• Will bathrooms be open? Yes!

• Will we be recording the service? Yes and no. So, we will be recording the sermon in it’s entirety. As we are outside, it really is not possible to record the band, so music is not going to work very well. if you are staying home and watching the service, please keep in mind that you will likely see me begin my sermon somewhere between 6:16-6:30pm. Up until that point, you may just see a screen on youtube asking you to wait for us, or to stand by or something like that.

• Will there be lyrics for the songs? Yes, we will be printing out some lyric sheets and we will also post the lyrics on facebook. For those of you at home- if you want to sing, we will also post some YouTube links to these songs so you can enjoy them by the original artists and join us in worship in that way!

• Should I bring a Bible? Yes! Either use your bible app, or bring an actual BIBLE down with ya!

• Can I stand away from the group? YES!!! Great question! It’s pretty easy to hear out there. If you have any concerns about being close to others, you absolutely may stand away from the group!

• What if I have another question you did not address here? You can post it below, and I will try to answer it.

Thank you everyone for your flexibility and willingness to join us on this adventure! I’m so excited to see your faces, sing to God and study His words together!

Pastor Ryan