Struggling with Doubt

Here are some resources if you or someone you know are struggling with doubt. Let me first say that while there are many answers and evidence for the truth of Christianity there is also a certain measure of faith we all need to have. I’m not talking blind faith, I’m talking about informed faith. I may not know everything for certain, but from the evidence I’ve seen, I’m choosing to trust that God is there.

After the sermon, one of you challenged me in regard to whether or not most atheists absolutely believe there is no God, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The person who challenged me said I painted atheists in an inaccurate light because most of them would admit that they don’t have full knowledge but from what they’ve seen they are choosing to believe there is no God. Fair enough. My point was not to create a straw man of all atheists but to point out that we simply cannot find ourselves at a place where we can never doubt our doubts, something I’ve found some atheists I’ve talked with unwilling to do. But that’s a faith step, right? I may not know everything but from what I do know, I’m choosing to believe _______. As Christians, we are making our own faith step based on the evidence we’ve seen.

What is this evidence? What are some resources that point me back to this? Let me give you a few:

Some apologetics books that answer many questions brought against Christianity

The Problem of God by Mark Clark

The Reason For God by Timothy Keller

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Gunning for God by John Lennox

When God Goes to Starbucks by Paul Copan

Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh Mcdowell

Some websites that are helpful:

– YouTube: Sean McDowell; William Lane Craig




There are still many resources out there that I have not listed. Please know that if you have questions you can also email me and I will respond to you.

Thanks everyone!

Have a great day!

Pastor Ryan