So What is This Spirit Like Anyway?, Romans 8:15-17

For the 2nd Look this week I invite you to spend more time in Romans 8:1-17.

Read it a few times and consider the 7 truths of the Holy Spirit’s presence in our lives:

1) The Holy Spirit Frees Us From The Power And Curse Of Sin.

2) The Holy Spirit leads your Mind and leads you towards Life and Peace.

3) The Spirit of God lives in you.

4) The Spirit raises you from the dead.

5) The Spirit gives you the power to fight sin and destruction in your life

6) The Spirit guarantees your spot in the family of God 

7) The Spirit reminds us that we are God’s beloved children

What is the most hopeful truth for you? What inspires you to trust God more? What challenges you?

Take some time this week to let these truths simmer in your minds!  May God grant you his wonderful peace as you commune with him this week!

Pastor Ryan