Simple but Profound Ways to Pray

As advertised, this page is full of some simple yet profound ways to pray. Please check out the links below.
A Prayer Of Putting On The Armor Of God:
This is something I highly recommend you pray as you begin your day. You are in a battle my friend, you must arm yourself!
The ACTS prayer:
This is the most commonly taught and used form of prayer, but it really is amazing!
Breathing prayer:
This is an ancient form of prayer that is quite simple and yet very profound. I use this as a daily meditative practice that has really helped me be reminded of God’s love and combat anxiety.
A simple but profound prayer of confession:
This prayer of confession is something you can pray during your ACTS prayer. Take some time with it. Read and consider each line. It’s pretty huge!
Gracious Lord, I confess that I have dishonored you in my words, thoughts and deeds. Depending on my strength, I stumble. Glorying in my own righteousness, I reject you. Turning my face from you, I desire the things of this world to satisfy me. I pray now, Lord, for you to forgive all of my many sins; to cleanse the darkness from my life, and to turn my face and my heart back towards you. I pray these things in the name of your most precious son, Jesus Christ. Amen.
Take a moment to confess your sins knowing that He hears you
Not sure what to pray?
Here is a link for some short prayers you can pray in different situations
My hope is that this takes a little bit of the mystery out of the technique of prayer. Simply put, prayer is a conversation with God, and it’s not meant to be overly complicated, however, in its simplicity, it can be quite profound. We may take the mystery out of the technique of prayer, but we cannot take the mystery out of prayer itself. It is super powerful and beautiful!
I hope you enjoy these forms of prayer!
Pastor Ryan