Recapturing: Know, Live, Share

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2nd look!


This past Sunday we looked at Hebrews 10:19-25.

I closed the sermon with this set of phrases:


This passage calls us to:

Draw near to God… Because we can

Spur one another on…. Because we are meant to

Encourage each other…. Because we need it

Live in view of Jesus’ return… Because he is going to!


The idea I tried to propose here: if we build our lives on these principles, we will live blessed. Think about this:


·      The Bible tells us that as we walk with or draw near to God we will see the fruits of God’s Spirit grow in our lives. More love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control. We will be TRANSFORMED slowly but surely!

·      As we spur one another on, we also get spurred on ourselves. We get inspired and challenged and we learn a ton. We find part of our meaning and purpose in life through this!

·      When we encourage one another, we are living out one of the greatest callings for us as a church- but we also find how much others encourage us as well.

·      When we live in view of Jesus’ return, we are continually returning to hope in the midst of life. We grow to be more grateful and hopeful people.


All of these things are meant to become more and more true of us as we progress down the road with God. As these things happen in our lives we find more and more blessing. It’s really awesome!!! How great are these things?!?!


  Oh Lord, How gracious you are to us.  Would you lead us by your holy Spirit this week as we reflect upon these things?  May all of this lead to you having more and more of our hearts and our lives, so that we might become more fully devoted followers of you!  Most of all, we pray for your glory to be wrought through us!


We love you Jesus.  Thank you for loving us first!


Have a great week everyone. 

Pastor Ryan