Pure in Heart

Hi folks-

Blessed are the pure in Heart…..

We talked about this on Sunday. I wanted to remind you of what this looks like for us.

It means singular focus – not dividedness. What it that singular focus?

Singular Trust

We trust in Jesus Christ and ONLY in Him; not ourselves, for our salvation. Our behavior; our “goodness” cannot save us – only Jesus does this. This is easy to forget. It becomes so easy to make our salvation and standing with God about our behaviors. Don’t believe me? Read the book of Galatians. The whole book is about this very thing. Our trust needs to be in Him and Him alone.

Singular Confidence

Who or what really defines our worth as a human being? Who defines the worth of others? Do we define ourselves by our success; our wealth; the opinions of others? None of those things last, none of them are eternal. The only thing eternal is God and He defines us as His beloved; His heirs; His children; clean and holy in His sight. This is where we get true confidence from: that we are holy and dearly loved by God through Jesus Christ!

AND we need to cling to this truth – to believe in it and trust it even when it doesn’t seem like this is true. YOU ARE LOVED AND WELL PLEASING TO GOD!

Ok but what about when I sin? Well consider how you may look at your child when they do something destructive to them. You may be exasperated with them but is it not because they are hurting themselves? I think this is very true for how God sees us when we sin. His heart breaks for us because He loves us and we are content with sin and destruction. We are content with “good enough” and not great! He is hurt because we build walls between us where we cannot receive the beauty of all a relationship with God has to offer. Like any father who loves his kids – He wants more for us than we want for ourselves because He loves us!

But do we live in this reality that He loves and is pleased with us? Is this where we get our confidence and identity?

Do you want to know where you get your identity? Do you have things you fear or are stressed about? Take a good look at those things? Often times we are afraid because we hold something dear and we think we might lose that thing. Perhaps we love those things because they give us identity and make us feel good about ourselves…Those things might take God’s place in our lives…interesting stuff.

Singular hope

What do we place our hope in? This is a major question! Our hope is in Christ and Him alone. There is only one thing in this whole world offering eternal hope to all: Jesus Christ. It’s fascinating how quickly we can begin to place our hope in other things.

As you progress through this week – ask yourself in your time with God – “Lord what have I placed my trust, my confidence and my hope in? Oh Father – please bring my heart back to this singular focus where You are the center of my life.”

Have a great week everybody!!

Pastor Ryan