Project Blessing

Hi everyone:

Project Blessing ends July 21st. I would like to ask you to begin reflecting on this past three months. Here are some questions I’d like to ask you:

  • What ways has God used you to bless others? How did He lead you to bless these people?
  • What have you learned from God in regards to how to bless other people?
  • What ways has God blessed you in this process?

Please be thinking of these three questions. We’d like to invite you to share with us about your experience; not to celebrate your own “awesomeness” but to celebrate God in this process. As a church we often need to be reminded of the the things God is doing in and through us. Otherwise, we lose sight of His work and leading. Your comments will be super helpful.

Thanks again, and may you be blessed this week as you seek to bless others!

Pastor Ryan