project blessing

Project Blessing

Hi everyone:

Project Blessing ends July 21st. I would like to ask you to begin reflecting on this past three months. Here are some questions I’d like to ask you:

  • What ways has God used you to bless others? How did He lead you to bless these people?
  • What have you learned from God in regards to how to bless other people?
  • What ways has God blessed you in this process?

Please be thinking of these three questions. We’d like to invite you to share with us about your experience; not to celebrate your own “awesomeness” but to celebrate God in this process. As a church we often need to be reminded of the the things God is doing in and through us. Otherwise, we lose sight of His work and leading. Your comments will be super helpful.

Thanks again, and may you be blessed this week as you seek to bless others!

Pastor Ryan

2nd Look 6.7.13

Hi everyone . . .
This 2nd look is special because it will also go to our PROJECT BLESSING people. The reason? Because this week we spoke about how Jesus lived a lifestyle of blessing and that as Christians who are on a journey to become more and more like Him – we will inevitably be called towards this lifestyle as well. Jesus blessed others – He did it naturally; daily; repeatedly; pretty much wherever He went. It blows me away to think we can do this too. Think of all the lives we can impact with this kind of lifestyle! Yes it involves sacrifice. It involves times where we are way out beyond our comfort zone – inconvenienced; but I can only imagine what kind of legacy we leave behind. Recently my mother announced her retirement after working in education for nearly 40 years! We had a huge party for her. There were close to 150 people there. My mother is someone who lives a lifestyle of blessing; not just with her family but with those she works with – her friends; people at church, etc.
It was so awesome to hear many of her co-workers get up and share how my mother has blessed them. We laughed, we cried; we rememberd. As the big retirement party progressed, I couldn’t help but be in awe of how God has used my mother to bless so many and in that process – has created a huge legacy through my mom. She has touched so many lives; all from this lifestyle of blessing she lives.
What does it look like to have a huge group of people devoted to living a lifestyle of blessing? What would the outcome be if those people not only blessed others but helped others catch the vision for this lifestyle as well? You could have a movement of blessing! God empowering peoples’ lives to bless others wherever they went.
One question you might have is: “Doesn’t this seem a bit far fetched; to build a lifestyle on blessing others?” Maybe. Or maybe the truth is that we all build a lifestyle on something. We all have things we choose to value – to pursue in life. These values are reflected in our day to day decisions, priorities and behaviors. I think the real question is not – “can I do this; or can I live this lifestyle of blessing;” but rather – “do I choose to pursue this and trust God will meet me and empower me to do this?”
A series like this; ChristLike In A Post Christ World – really gets at the heart of the question – What does it mean to be like Jesus – to live the way He did? Each sermon is looking at something He prioritized and lived. It can feel a bit overwhelming to walk away from every sermon with the question of if we are doing these things that we see Jesus doing. It may be easier to look at each of these sermons as movements in our lives that God is developing at different speeds in different ways. In other words – you may be at different places with each movement. For example – you may have no problem being around different people and blessing them – but prayer may be an issue for you; one that God is really working on. These sermons; these different aspects of Jesus life that it seems we are called to live; will all happen in their own way and own timing. One example from my life: I began to learn the value of blessing others in college and bought into it right away – but in my heart of hearts I didn’t really buy in to the fact that everyone was a candidate to receive blessing – not just a select few that I believed “deserved” it. I didn’t grasp or approve of the fact that Jesus blessed the Different; Dirty and Debauched of His society; and I am called to as well. It’s taken me years to come to grips with that and to become obedient to it (and to be honest; God is still working on my with this).
So every week in this series we are looking at Jesus and exploring how God is developing His ways in my life. I would invite you to join me in this movement of blessing! That’s why it’s not too lat for you with PROJECT BLESSING. Yes we are well into it – but if you haven’t started this – or if you’ve lost track with it – jump back in! The PROJECT operates with seveal guidelines in place:
1. Bless someone in your close family or friends network once a week.
2. Bless your church once a month (this is in addition to tithing).
3. Bless your community once every three months.
To bless someone means to meet a need – spiritual, emotional or physical.
Let’s see what God will do through us as we seek to bless others. I think you might be surprised to see what happens.

Have a wonderful week everybody!
Pastor Ryan

Bless You!

Hi everyone.

For this week, I thought I’d bless you!
How would I do that?
Follow the steps listed below

Find a place you can be quiet and alone for five minutes.
Read this letter below:

Dear _(Your name here)_____
In the middle of your busy life, I wanted to take a moment to send you a letter.
I know the pressures you carry; the expectations; the fears even.
I know them better than you because
I know you better than you know yourself, and I want you to be reminded
I love and accept you where you are; as you are right now.
Sitting here reading this; please know you’ve done nothing to earn my love for you;
I freely gave it before you took your first breath.
This love I have has led me to go to great lengths.
Some would say they are foolish lengths because of how dearly I have suffered for you.
But you are worth it.  You are worth it because I say you are.
I sacrificed dearly to be with you; and there is no price I wouldn’t pay;
But to be with you is not my only purpose.
No, I want to transform you, make you more alive than you could imagine.
I want to give you deep lasting peace, joy in the midst of even the hardest times; real hope and true love.
How have I planned to transform you?
By giving you myself.  You are never alone.
and that means, because you have me; you have peace; joy; love and hope
You’re Never apart from this love I have freely given you.
I have not given up on you and I will not.
Where you are sitting right now, please know today that you live in peace with me
no matter what you’ve done; if you’re trapped in something; hurting; angry; or hopeless.
I love you.
I always will


No matter what your day has been like.  My hope is that you can take a moment to realize you are at peace with God.  He is happy with you; pleased with what He sees and at work to transform you.  You are safe in His grace no matter what happens.  I hope this information blesses you this week.
Pastor Ryan

Project Blessing – Garden Project

Hi everyone
I want to take a moment to remind us all of the Mt. Gleason project.  This is very exciting for us.  Mt. Gleason is a junior high school in the area and they have a large garden area they would love to use for educational purposes as well as just blessing our teachers and students.  We have some amazing gardeners here at this church.  Then we also have people like me who can shovel dirt with the best of them… 🙂  Regardless of what person you are like – I’d like to invite you to join us – even if it is for an hour.  Come on out; bring your kids help us bless this school that works with so many junior highers in our area.
Be blessed this week as you bless others!
Pastor Ryan

How is God Using You?

It's exciting to see how God is moving all around us.  Just heard a testimony last week about how one small act of kindness, helped bring two people together who would never have met otherwise.  How will God use this relationship? Will one lead the other to salvation in Jesus? Will one help the other in ways they didn't even know they needed help?  That's the point – isn't it?  We don't know what impact God has in mind when He prompts us to do one small thing.

Hi Project Blessers

Just a quick note to encourage you. We are about a month into our project. Last week was hard for me to figure out what I was going to do. Life is moving on and staying with the task of blessing is getting more and more difficult to remember to prioritize. But please let me encourage you to stay with it – to not grow weary in this. If you’re anything like me – then it is about this time in the project that you need to lean on your accountability partner for encouragement and that extra little kick in the pants. 🙂 May God bless you as this week progresses – and make it clear whom you can bless this week.

Pastor Ryan

Have you seen God’s work in your life through Project Blessing?

I certainly hope that you have.  God is so amazing the way that He reaches us.

  • He reaches us through the quiet moments of waiting on Him in prayer.
  • He reaches us through a comforting/encouraging email from a friend.
  • He reaches us through some beautiful flowers left on your desk by a friend – both through the gift and also through the reminder of God’s fantastic creation!
  • He reaches us through a hug from a family member.
  • He reaches us through Facebook messages and photos.
  • He reaches us through surprising phone calls and texts from people you didn’t expect to hear from.
  • He reaches us through answered prayers.  Recently He showed me that He hasn’t forgotten some of my long term prayers-thank you God!
  • He speaks to us through His Word!!! Don’t you just love how you can read the same passage in the Bible 100 times, but all of a sudden, you really do “get it” on a level that you didn’t even know existed before.

Have you “heard” God speak to you lately? If so, let me know.

Has God used to you to bless someone else?

Are you surprised at how He is guiding you during this Project Blessing?

Care Package for Slaven Tomasi

church donations-1 Thank you for your overwhelming support on this project. We sent 6 very full boxes of food to Slaven and his buddies in Afghanistan.

Week 2

Hello project blessers!

Another week has begun and with it – the question of – who do I bless and how?  For some of us; this is actually a difficult question to answer. Why?  Well if you’re anything like my wife; it’s probably because you bless people in your immediate life all the time.  My wife cooks, cleans; organizes; packs lunches; sits and listens; helps with homework; cleans some more; folds laundry; and much more. If you are anything like her – it may be hard to imagine doing more than you already are – it may feel quite overwhelming.
     Certainly – we are not interested in making you more busy – or in overwhelming you; however sometimes what is most special about blessing someone is that you did so intentionally; and it doesn’t need to be a big thing.  It could be something small like a short letter or email of encouragement.  Maybe it’s buying someone a special treat, or buying or making a batch of cookies.  Our hope in doing a project like this is to basically bring a rhythm or habit of blessing others into your life. If you are a habitual “blesser” already – then maybe this project is here to help encourage you to continue and to help you build on what you already do.
    My hope for you is that this week you find someone to bless and then bless their socks off!!!  have a great week everyone!
Pastor Ryan

Project Blessing Ideas for our Community

Quarterly Blessing Ideas for your Community

Remember…These blessings are about sharing God's love with someone else 

Help feed the homeless (Text Cricket for more info: 818.400.1364)

Invite your bank teller to coffee and hear her/his story

Offer to pray for someone who looks like they are  in pain

Visit someone in the hospital

Help spruce up a community garden

Give your regular server at your favorite restaurant a gift card for a mani/pedi

Volunteer at a Crisis Pregnancy Center

Volunteer at Hope Gardens in Sylmar