Prayer for this week

– Hello folks – Here’s a prayer I’d like to invite you to consider each day this week. Have a great week everybody!!!

“Dear Lord,
It’s hard for me to relate to announcing to everyone with a trumpet when I tithe; or standing on a street corner praying out loud; or to dumping ashes on my head when I fast! Lord I don’t even fast! So as I look at this section from The Sermon On The Mount: Matthew 6:1-18; it’s a bit difficult to entirely relate to what I’m seeing Jesus talking about. BUT, I can relate to doing things for honor, recognition and respect from others. I confess that sometimes my largest motivation is to please others; rather than to see You be glorified. What’s even worse is that I sometimes find that I’m doing these things without even realizing it! Oh Lord, this week, would You give me freedom from this rat race of trying to please and impress others? Would You lead me and help me to seek Your glory first. If I tithe; let me tithe for Your glory! If I pray; please place at the forefront of my mind that I have a wonderful opportunity to talk with You; let me not cheapen it by using prayer to try to seem more ‘Christian’ than someone else. In essence Lord; please help my heart to match my mouth, and most of all – may You do this for Your glory. Amen!”