Pastor Ryan’s Favorite Places to Hear Scripture

I’m a firm believer in the value of hearing scripture.  

I heard a preacher I greatly respect tell me we need to saturate our minds with scripture. By this, he means we need to fill our lives with it!
And hearing scripture is a great way to do this.
Here are some of my favorite places to hear scripture:
1) Music
There are really wonderful worship bands out there that write scripture filled songs. Sometimes I’ll listen to a song and wonder, where in the Bible did they get that from? You will be pretty amazed at where this may lead you.  
2) I listen to other preachers
Some of my favorites:
    Timothy Keller:
    John Eldredge:
There are many other preachers and teachers out there on YouTube, and some even have their own podcasts. Getting the Bible heard is a great place to get started in growing with the Bible!