Pastor Ryan’s 5 Favorite Bible Reading Plans

Have you wondered how and where to get started reading the Bible? 

“Do I just pick up the book and start reading? How do I do this?”

Well, you most certainly can pick up the Bible and just begin reading. If you are reading the Bible for the first time I suggest you begin with either the Book of Mark or the Book of John. These two books teach about Jesus and they both move pretty quickly. Below are links to several resources on Bible reading plans that will help you get started reading the Bible right away!

1) YouVersion: YouVersion is an app you can use on your phone! It is my daughter’s favorite Bible reading app, by the way. It has a bunch of different Bible studies on it arranged by theme. You can easily find a Bible reading plan here! And it’s free!!
2) Redeemer Formation DevotionalThis is my current go to. I read this most everyday. It is Bible reading with some prayers you can read as well! And this one is also free!
3) The Bible GatewayThis is an online resource that has numerous Bible reading plans for you. They have plans that will get you reading through the entire Bible in 6 mont or a year, or get you through the gospels in 40 days. They also have a ton of other stuff as well, they are a huge online resource and also free.
4) Ligonier Ministries: Another great site with online resources for you to use.
5) A Daily Bible: If you want a physical Bible in your hands to read, this rendition will take you through the entire Bible in chronological order in one year. Personally, I read this Bible every two years.

This should get you started with some Bible reading plans. May God bless you as you read his words!

Pastor Ryan