Life Transforming Question 2, Romans 8:33-34

Hello everyone!

For this week’s 2nd Look I will be giving a brief re-cap.

First we looked at how God’s way is not a way of condemnation but a way of restoration. We are the ones who get really good at condemning either others or ourselves.

We looked at Shame. Here’s Dr. Curt Thompson’s definition:
“One way to approach the essence of shame is to understand it as an undercurrent of sensed emotion, of which we may have either a slight or robust impression that, should we put words to it, would declare some version of ‘I am not enough: there is something wrong with me: I am bad: or I don’t matter…..’ It is born out of a sense of “there being something wrong” With me or of “Not being enough,” And therefore exudes the aroma of being unable or powerless to change one’s condition or circumstances.”

Have you ever felt those messages Dr. Thomspon mentioned? How do we address this?

Romans 8:33: Recognize the charge and charge-er: What is the message of shame? What is the charge or accusation being brought against you and who is the one accusing you? Is it you? Is it someone else? Is it the devil himself? We need to state what the charge is- and who is bringing it.

Romans 8:33b: Declare you are chosen: No matter what the charge- whether it’s deserved or undeserved- you are chosen by God! He has removed your guilt. We need to speak this to the shame.

Romans 8:34: Cling to the King: We need to cling to the promises God makes us- and we need to get vulnerable with Him and with others. We need to bring our shame into the light. We need to be able to be open or even boast about our weaknesses so that Christ’s power may rest on us!

Take some time this week to consider this. Shame is undeserved condemnation in our lives. Let’s put shame to shame!!!

May God bless you this week with His glorious and incomparable peace guarding your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!

Pastor Ryan