Lent Days 23-26

Good morning.

The next few days as we move towards the cross, this reading from “Letters to Marc about Jesus” from Henri Houwen and the passages we were reading this week really have ministered to me as well as this song, which is always amazing. I pray it ministers to you and brings you a longing towards moving forward to the always forgiving, inexhaustible love of Christ that was given to us on the cross.



Jesus challenges us to move in a totally new direction. He asks for conversion-that is to say, a complete interior turn-around, a transformation…Everything within us seems set against this way. And yet-every time we take a few steps along it, we become aware that something new is happening within us and experience a desire to try yet another step forward. And so, step by step, we come closer to the heart of God, which is the heart of an undiscriminating, always-forgiving, inexhaustible love.


How can you take steps forward towards Christ-away from your manner of life-your way of doing things-and towards His path for you?


What keeps you from moving forward? Have you talked to him about this? Go to God with these concerns…


Ask the Lord for grace as you move towards him if there is resistance.


If there isn’t resistance, ask him for the grace to see what needs to be surrendered in order to continue the steps towards his Love.


Lead me to the Cross – Brooke Fraser