Learning to Live Without Lying

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s 2nd Look.

I have two questions for you to bring to prayer this week:


  • Who am I often more tempted to lie to: others or myself?
  • What motivates me to lie the most: fear (lying to avoid getting in trouble or losing something) or desire (lying to get something I want).


I’m not trying to accuse anyone here of lying but the reality is we are often tempted to lie. The more we can wrestle with these questions, with the Lord, the freer we are going to become from lying. In the sermon on Sunday, we talked about how in the Kingdom of God we have ultimate security in Christ and therefore we can let go of our fears. We also talked about how in the kingdom we have everything we truly need in Christ. Everything this world offers us is fleeting and temporary, but what God offers us is eternal, whole and life giving. The more we embrace these ideas the more we can let go of destructive fears and desires. My hope and prayer for you this week is that God will grant you his peace as you seek to understand the truth about our lies.


God bless you my friends,

Pastor Ryan