Jesus The Hope

That is the major question from last week’s service. We as humans place our hope in all kinds of things. It’s natural for us to do so. Scientists tell us that as organisms we are always trying to achieve a sense of balance and safety in life and that when things get out of whack we fight to get that balance back. They call it “homeostasis.” We often put our hope in things that help us feel balanced; safe or happy because we are constantly seeking homeostasis in the moment.  The interesting thing is just how God doesn’t always seem to be concerned about this. He doesn’t always care to make us feel balanced – safe – or happy. He is in the business of real everlasting hope and that is what Christmas is all about.

It seems so interesting or ironic to think about how real everlasting hope was once found in the form of a baby in the midst of filth and poverty; born in complete anonymity; hunted by ferocity; with every strike against Him – and yet here was the hope of mankind: Fragile; tiny; and lowly. A lot of the stuff we place our hope in tends to be big – advertised; glitzy, glamorous; complete with huge promises, or we have people singing songs about it on the radio. The irony of the Christmas story is how there is none of this here. Hey; even after all this time – the hope of the manger is still easily obscured to us by all the glitz and glamor of Christmas time – yet the eternal everlasting hope of the manger shines more brightly throughout history than any of the things we put our hope in. Ten thousand years from now we will look back not on the 70 or 80 Christmas’s we celebrated – or how successful our stock portfolio was – or how many friends we had on Facebook – or where our kids went to college – or how big our inheritance we that we left for our kids – or if our kids remembered us fondly after we died. No, ten thousand years from now we will look back at that moment in the manger as the moment hope broke into the world – almost unseen – almost unknown – with very little fanfare; but quiet; peaceful even.

This week, my hope is for you to be reminded of the hope of the manger.

Here’s a song for you this week:

Have a great week everybody

Pastor Ryan