Jesus’ Final Miracle in Mark: The Blind Beggar, Mark 10: 46-52

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s 2nd Look.

This week I invite you to meditate with me.


Um what? Meditate? Ryan have you lost your mind?

No, actually. Prayer is a form of meditation. Don’t let the word scare you. There is a lot of wonderful fruit in this practice.


Let me give you a very simple thing to try with me this week. You may find it helps you to relax, gives you hope and joy, or even reinvigorates you! Don’t knock it before you try it. Seriously.


So here is how you do it.


  • Find a quiet place.
  • A place with minimal distractions. Set aside your phone.
  • Get comfortably seated.
  • Find a comfortable chair; sit on the ground; or on your bed. I do not recommend you lie down because you may fall asleep. If a nap is what you need, then by all means take one, but this isn’t naptime. Try your best to sit up straight.
  • Set a timer for 5-10 minutes.
  • This is super-helpful so you don’t wonder how long you’ve been meditating.
  • Begin by saying or thinking the phrase: Lord Jesus, Son of God.
  • Then breathe in deeply either through your nose or mouth.
  • Listen to the air as it goes into you. Feel it.
  • Once it’s in, gently hold it and think: You call me to you.
  • Then breathe out.
  • Repeat process for 5-10 minutes.


You can change up the phrases if you want. This is an ancient practice called: “Breathing Prayer.” It was something that allowed you to intentionally sit with the wonderful truths of the gospel and allowed yourself time to reflect, letting in these truths. In addition to that, you are in a way, breathing these truths deeper into your mind and heart. I know it may feel weird, but give it a shot.


With my panic and anxiety issues, meditation has come highly recommended to me. I’m learning this new way of living and I can honestly say, I’m enjoying it. It is just awesome to be able to sit with these amazing truths and let them minister to my soul:

Lord Jesus King of Kings: You have made me holy and blameless

Lord Jesus Son of God: You have mercy on me, a sinner

Lord Jesus: You defeated my sin

Father God: How you love me and call me your son

Holy Spirit: you never abandon me


It can be all kinds of phrases but I encourage you to only use one or two phrases and simply breathe and reflect on them.


One last suggestion:

If you get distracted, that’s ok. Simply offer those thoughts up to God and return to your exercise. We all get distracted. Over time, you’ll find you’ll be less distracted.


I hope this blesses you as it is blessing me!

Have a great week and may God’s wondrous and incomparable peace be with you!


Pastor Ryan