Have you seen God’s work in your life through Project Blessing?

I certainly hope that you have.  God is so amazing the way that He reaches us.

  • He reaches us through the quiet moments of waiting on Him in prayer.
  • He reaches us through a comforting/encouraging email from a friend.
  • He reaches us through some beautiful flowers left on your desk by a friend – both through the gift and also through the reminder of God’s fantastic creation!
  • He reaches us through a hug from a family member.
  • He reaches us through Facebook messages and photos.
  • He reaches us through surprising phone calls and texts from people you didn’t expect to hear from.
  • He reaches us through answered prayers.  Recently He showed me that He hasn’t forgotten some of my long term prayers-thank you God!
  • He speaks to us through His Word!!! Don’t you just love how you can read the same passage in the Bible 100 times, but all of a sudden, you really do “get it” on a level that you didn’t even know existed before.

Have you “heard” God speak to you lately? If so, let me know.

Has God used to you to bless someone else?

Are you surprised at how He is guiding you during this Project Blessing?