Growing with the Bible


What’s the big deal about the Bible? Simply- The Bible is God’s Authoritative Word on everything pertaining to who He is and what it means to have life with Him. If you want to know God and His will for your life you need to get the Bible into your heart and mind.


How do you do this? You seek to engage the Bible in 5 specific ways (listed below), inevitably getting it into your life therefore allowing you to grow with Christ. 

1) We Hear It: we listen to sermons, teachings, songs, and other people speaking about the Bible

    Helpful resources:

     – A link to our sermon player

     – A link to a blog titled: “Pastor Ryan’s Favorite Places to Hear Scripture

2) We Read It: we read it like a novel

    Helpful resources:
    – Find a Bible Reading Plan
    – Reading the Bible imaginatively

3) We Study It: taking a passage and going deeper with it

    Helpful resources:

    The Bible Project: This is an AWESOME WEBSITE. It gives you biblical background on every book of the Bible and many of the major concepts. It will open your study of the Bible in huge ways!

   -Tips for studying the Bible:



4) We Memorize It: commit passages to memory to recall later without having to look at a Bible

If you don’t know where to start with this you can always buy a scripture memorization plan. Don’t sell yourself short, just start with small verses. You can do it!

     Helpful resources:

     – Scripture Memory

     – Topical Memory

5) We Meditate On It: thinking and praying over what you have read

     Helpful resource:

     Billy Graham Meditation

     10 Way To Effectively Practice Biblical Meditation