Growing with Soul Friendship and Mentorship
Growing with Soul Friendship and Mentorship
It’s been said:

“If you want to soar with eagles, you can’t spend your life running with turkeys.”


There is some real truth to this idea, especially when it comes to Christianity.

One of the first things God did with you when you became a Christian, is to make you a full fledged member of the church- so you can be encouraged, challenged and sharpened by others.    None of us are meant to do this journey of faith alone.  

What’s fascinating is to see just how much we grow when we are around growing people.  If we are around people who are serious about growth and also want to support your growth- then chances are, you are much more likely to grow than if you were by yourself or with people who couldn’t care less.

On this link we want to talk with you about Soul Friendship and Mentorship.  What are these things?


A Soul Friend is someone who supports, collaborates with, encourages, pushes, and builds you up to be the best you that God made you to be.


A Mentor is a person or friend who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors.


Each of these are deeply important and positive in our growth as Christians.  

So what is a soul friend and how do I find one?

Let us give you a few characteristics:


Soul Friends are people who:

  1. …. are on the same path as you.

               – They care about the same things you care about- they are 

                  passionate about growing in Christ as you are. 


  1. … sacrifice to see you become who God has called you to be

              – Soul friends are willing to sacrifice their time, comfort, resources to 

                  support you, and to help you grow


  1. …. are refreshing for your soul.

             – Soul friends are encouragers.  They challenge you, inspire you.  

                Somehow when you walk away from spending time with them you 

                feel uplifted. 


  1. …. honors you in life and in death.

             – you know that this person is trustworthy and they always have your 

                best interest in mind.  This is a soul friend.  They won’t stab you in the 


What about a Mentor?

A mentor tends to be someone who:

– is more experienced than you are in a certain area.

– they have an ability to help you find answers

– they can model positive behaviors and change.

Some examples of mentors are: disciplers; coaches; spiritual directors; life coaches, etc.


Our encouragement to you, is that you consider if these two things- soul friends and mentors are present in your life.  If they aren’t, what might you need to do to find some of these?


Some quick suggestions:

– Pray and ask God to lead you to some.

– Become part of a small group or ministry at church that will offer to help you meet new people.

– Ask your pastor to help you find some mentors.  


Please remember: part of growing from soul friendship and mentorship is not necessarily that you find people who will do this for you- but you understand that you’re meant to do this for someone else as well!  

Often, a soul friend isn’t just someone who supports you, but they are someone you support as well.  Often times we learn more from mentoring than we do from being mentored.  We need to have a vision of this!!!

May God bless you as you consider this!

Pastor Ryan