Growing with musical worship

Pastor Ryan’s favorite worship artists.

Howdy- maybe you are just getting started listening to worship music.  Where to get started?  Well, to be honest I’ve been listening to worship songs for decades now.  I want to give you a list of worship artists and some brief descriptions of their style, and then I want to give you a brief list of 10 modern worship albums that are simply worth your time!  This is not to say others aren’t worth your time- because there is a ton of great music out there- but if you want to get started these albums are a great start.


Ok here we go…


Pastor Ryan’s Top 10 Favorite Worship Artists

1) Hillsong and Hillsong United- 

    Style- Varied but mostly rock- 

    This church has been creating some of the most beautiful, anointed worship  

     music of the last 30 years. 

2) Phil Wickham- 

    Style- rock and roll; acoustic folk; but he is brilliant at writing theologically deep 

    songs, with beautiful poetry that any congregation can sing.  He is also one of 

    the few writers nowadays who writes really upbeat music.  Much of the          

     modern worship scene goes for big sound rather than fast beat. 

3) Elevation worship- 

    Style- Modern Rock and pop- 

    Amazing musicians, beautiful music!  

4) Israel Houghton and new Breed

    Style- Gospel and rock

    Fantastic and fun- this is when you just want to get serious and worship, or  


5) Paul Baloche- 

     Style: Rock

     Nobody writes church friendly songs like Paul Baloche!

6) Iron Bell Music

     Style: rock and folk

     Powerful acoustic rock and singing.

7) Passion-

    Style: modern rock and Pop

    Passion is a group of different worship leaders coming together to put on huge 

    conferences centered around worship and learning from the Lord.  They write 

    great music.

8) Vertical worship-

     Style: modern rock and pop

     One of our church’s favorite songs is written and performed by this band:  

     “Open up the Heavens”!

9) Shane and Shane-

     Style- rock, folk, pop

    These guys have been together for years.  Shane Barnard is an amazing 

    acoustic guitarist and they have not only written their own music but have 

    made church friendly covers of hymns- and the most popular modern stuff out 


10) Chris Tomlin-

     Style- Rock, pop

     This man writes some of the most popular modern choruses sung in churches


Honorable mentions: These are other bands that are also worth your time- but maybe didn’t crack my top ten: 

Matt Redman, Red Rocks Worship; Third Day; Jeremy Riddle, Jeremy Camp; Vineyard; Austin Stone; Fernando Ortega


Pastor Ryan’s Top 10 worship albums

1) Only King forever- by Elevation Worship

    A wonderful triumphant album.  Every song is outstanding.  This album Rocks 

    and never gets old.

2) Decade- by Israel Houghton and New Breed

    This Gospel flavored album is brilliant, joyous and just a good time!

3) Isn’t He- by Vineyard worship

    This album comes from the 90s and is purely acoustic using choruses from 

     that time period.  This is a deeply peaceful worship album, beautiful!

4) Our God Saves- By Paul Baloche

     Fabulous and simple rock and roll meets worship.

5) Look to You- by Hillsong United

     One of my favorite worship albums recorded live- ever!

6) All of the Above- by Hillsong United

     Check out Saviour King!

7) Living Hope- by Phil Wickham

    Every album is good- but his latest, I think is just outstanding!

8) Hymns of Worship- By Fernando Ortega

    Very mellow album- but just beautiful piano, cello.  Spectacular

9) Psalms- by Shane Barnard

    An older album- but the guitar work on this is amazing!  Shane writes directly from the Psalms!!!

10) Worship and Believe- by Steven Curtis Chapman

      This album is so rich theologically and musically brilliant.  Definitely worth a listen!