Growing with musical worship

Which is better hymns or modern choruses?

It really is a preference issue.  The beauty of many of the classic hymns we have is the rich imagery, poetry and theology wrapped up in triumphant and beautiful melodies.  Unfortunately, many folks nowadays are not very familiar with the language or the artistry of hymns and so they feel foreign to many folks.  But hymns- when explained and sung are beautiful, wonderful, forms of musical worship.

   Modern Choruses may capture more of the modern musical heart language of many people nowadays.  Many are written with beautiful and somewhat simpler melodies that seek to make it easier to understand and sing; and in addition to this; they are often easier to perform with the musicians at our church.  There are many, many beautiful modern choruses.

    The point of both types of music- is to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus.  Here at SNC, the majority of the songs we sing are modern choruses, but we will often attempt to include some of the more classic hymns in our services as well.  

      So to say one is better than the other is simply not possible and really unfair to both styles of music.  Many folks have a preference and that is absolutely fine.  If you are someone who has only listened to modern day music- let me invite you to check out the hymns.  There are great modern renditions of many hymns that are really a true blessing.  In addition to this- there are modern day hymns- written using the same style that classic hymns are written with that are absolutely phenomenal.  Check out the next link for more info.