Growing with musical worship

Will Jesus love me if I don’t like music- or like to sing?  

Of course He will.  He’s not surprised you don’t like music.  He’s not surprised you don’t like to sing.  He made you!  Consider several thoughts on this issue:


1) Singing unto the Lord is something that is referenced in both the Old and New Testaments.  Musical worship is one form of Worship that God loves.  If you’ve ever wondered why the church sings- it’s because it’s modeled in the bible.  


2) We are called by Jesus to worship God in Spirit and in truth….

    This isn’t necessarily in song.  In other words- while musical worship is something we see in scripture and we believe this is a beautiful part of our life with God- what’s more important is what is happening in your heart and mind as the song is going.  You can easily be singing a song you know well and simply not be plugged into what you are singing; and this is really missing the point of singing the song in the first place.  Vice versa- you could be not singing and instead letting every word of the song be an inner prayer of your heart and be truly worshipping God.  Just because you are singing doesn’t mean you are worshipping.  What’s the state of your heart?


  Jesus loves you if you sing his praise or if you don’t but praising God starts in your heart not with your voice. So if you want to know if Jesus loves you even if you don’t sing; the answer is Of Course he does!  If you’re not a singer, then feel free not to sing, but let us invite you to let the words of the songs we sing in church still be prayers within your heart.