Growing with intention
Growing With Intention
One of the articles linked below has this quote within it:
My experience as a pastor has shown me that many of my friends and church members aren’t undone by poor theology or a lack of biblical information. Instead, we often fail to grow spiritually because we haven’t planned and made space for a deep, abiding fellowship with God.

Another article says this about why we might wish to put together a Rule of life:

By crafting a rule of life, we become intentional about the forces and dynamics that shape who we are becoming.
We think the writer of this article is correct. For many of us- we often fail to grow spiritually because we haven’t planned and made space. It’s all about making intentional choices that result in us growing over a period of time.
On this page we want to mention to you something called: “A rule of life”. What is this?
A “rule of life” is an intentional plan to keep God at the center of what we do. How do we actually do this? What does a rule look like? These are all great questions. Check out some of the links below that can help you learn more about a “Rule of Life”

Link 1: What is a rule of life and how do I make one?
Link 3: What is a rule of life- with a pdf workbook to help you put one together.
Link 4: Pastor Ryan’s thoughts of living with a rule of life.
Hello and thanks for reading this far!
I think one of the things we often fail to realize or remember about a rule of life- is: ALL OF US ALREADY HAVE THEM!
You may not realize it- but we all have ways we’ve developed–whether we know it or not–that makes life work for us. Some of us go grocery shopping only at certain times of the day. Those of us who exercise- have a rule of life that prioritizes it. If you are dieting? Yup- that’s part of your rule of life.
In fact, I’d argue very little growth occurs—and very little positive change happens–without intentional choice on our part. Why should Christianity be any different?
It took me a long time to come to grips with the fact that I have an unconscious plan for how I live with God, and how I grow with him. My unconscious plan was basically: just bounce around through life- read the Bible when you can and really have nothing better to do; pray if you aren’t busy and feel interested in it; and listen to Christian music! Oh yea, also don’t cuss, chew or go out with girls who do!
That was my plan for growing with God- just kind of bounce through life and hope growth happens. But I think for many folks whose approach is similar to mine- they find this actually isn’t a very effective way to draw close to God.
The apostle James writes in the Bible: “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” In this passage James is talking about living a life that mirrors the kind of life the world lives. He says- “Draw near to God”- pursue Him. Make intentional choices. Take a good hard look at your hearts to see where the thinking and influence of the world may have wormed its way in. Draw near to God.
This is what a rule of life has meant for me: an intentional thoughtful approach to how I pursue God. I think many of us would be surprised if we were to sit down and honestly think through how we are pursuing our relationship with God and how we can make simple changes that can have huge ramifications for our life with Him.
The 3rd link on our site- walks you through creating a “rule of life” on your own, let me invite you to check it out!
Pastor Ryan