Growing with giving
Growing With Giving
“We make a living by what we get
but we make a life by what we give”
Do we really believe this?
This is a significant question for us, and it truly impacts the way we give; or if we give at all.
In the bible we see that we as Christians are called and invited by God to give generously, seeking to help meet needs and join God in what he is doing in the world around us.
On this page we will share with you a link to 2 sermons Pastor Ryan has preached on this topic of generosity and giving.
The truth is- This is a significant point of growth and blessing for us as Christians.
Check out some of the links on this page to help you think about giving and living generously as a Christian.
     “What do I do with what I got” sermon #5- “Money and Possessions” start here: 01 Money and Possessions
     “Sinking deep” #5- “Giving” start here: 01 Giving
   Great book to read: The Paradox of Generosity by Christian Smith and Hilary Davidson.
   Another great book to read: The Blessed Life by Robert Morris.
What do I give?
Pastor Ryan’s story and reflections on giving


Pastor Ryan