Growing with giving
What Do I Give?
What do I give?
This is a great question! We’ve often heard it said “God has called us to be generous with our time, our treasure and our talents”.
What does this mean?
Time– is a precious commodity. When we generously give our time to someone or something else, this is huge! This could be as simple as volunteering to help someone, or choosing to give time to listen. There are all kinds of ways you can generously give your time.
Treasure- Are those financial or material resources that are placed by God under our care. Being generous with our treasure may include giving financially to our church, or giving to missionaries- or giving food to others. It is a lifestyle of generously giving to the needs of others. In the scripture we see a calling to give to our church in the form of a pre-determined amount; but our generosity can extend beyond this; and often will.
Talents- This is us giving our abilities generously to others. It’s taking my God given talents and gifts and using them to generously help others all for the glory of Christ!!!!
These are the things we give!