Growing through serving

Growing Through Serving

One of the most exciting and fulfilling parts of the Christian journey can be the reality that God hasn’t just saved you and brought you into His kingdom, but that He has given you skills, passions and spiritual gifts so that you can join Him in building His kingdom with Him. When we serve at church, and out in the world, we get to do things of eternal significance with God; and the cool thing is- these are the things we are meant to do! We discover a new meaning and purpose to our lives and it can be a very fulfilling part of our lives.
Now, here’s the sad part. Many folks miss this. They think Christianity is all about getting saved and they don’t realize God has opened a door to a whole new life to them, and they sadly miss out on a huge and blessed part of being a Christian.
How do we get started serving God? That’s what this page is all about.
Here’s a great article to discuss more with you about the 9 Benefits of Serving God:
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Pastor Ryan