God loves me . . . really!?!

I have been a Christian a very long time (decades), and even a pretty good person.  I knew all along that God loves the world and everyone in it, I even thought I knew that He loved me too, I talked the talk, I walked the walk.  The thing is I was doubting if God really loved me, ME? Does He know what ugliness I have inside of me?  Well, yes as a matter of fact He does.

Anyway, as I was well into middle age, I started to become severely, clinically depressed (to the point of considering suicide).  This was depressing to be depressed because my life was so perfect!  What on earth could this be about?  Bottom line. . .I truly didn’t believe that God loved ME.  I felt so unloveable and unworthy of His or anyone else’s love.

Steadfast Love Church Web SidebarBUT Then God revealed Himself to me through His Word (studying the Psalms and highlighting every passage that talks about His unfailing love-it’s a lot!!!) and through my sister sharing with me a Bible study that walked me through the process of seeing that God’s love has EVERYTHING to do with His character and NOTHING to do with my character. Whew! What a relief!  This revelation was solidified in Zephaniah 3:17 for me.

KNOWING, really knowing that God’s love is real and true and perfect and personal for ME, has changed my life!  I used to live in fear (of so many things), I know longer am a slave to those fears (Psalm 56:3). God has given me a peace that defies logic.  He can do this for you too.  If you think you are alone in your unloveliness, please know that you are not!