God is Great

Hello SNC brothers and sisters.
We just finished our series, “Let’s Talk About God: 5 Essential Things to Understand About God.” I truly hope The Lord blessed you as we reflected on truths about who HE is!

Now it is time for us to move ahead and begin our new series, “Battle Ready.” You may remember that we’ve been looking at the fact that in Christ we are all meant to be ministers. Each of us has a part to play in the massive movement of the Kingdom of God on planet earth!

One of the biggest issues for us is: We have an enemy who wants to destroy us and to destroy any part we might take in what God is doing.

There are 2 ideas this upcoming series is built upon:

1. We are born into and live in a war.

2. We are either ready for it or we are not.

I’ve been very excited about this series for some time but I must admit the battle within me has been fierce and severe, confirming to me that the enemy does not want us to talk about this. But we will!

PLEASE IN PRAYER FOR THIS SERIES. Please pray for me, as the battle has been very intense. Please pray for our worship band, our small groups, and for the Sunday morning worship services. That the name of Jesus will be lifted high and that the enemy will NOT be granted entry into our midst. Please pray that God would open our hearts and minds to whatever He would wish to show us.

This is going to be a very intense series but there is wonderful potential. We’re going to talking about healing things, freeing things, empowering things, and most importantly we are going to declare together the name and authority of Jesus Christ over our lives! I’m looking forward to our Sunday morning services. There are going to be some awesome things ahead!


On October 6th I am going to be out of town. I have been given the wonderful privilege of going to a “Wild at Heart Boot Camp” in Colorado. This is a 5 day, intense, prayer, healing, warfare, masculinity, ooo-Ra retreat being led by Ransomed Heart Ministries!
What does this mean for SNC when I’m gone? I have invited a good friend of mine, who also happens to be my spiritual director, to come speak on the power of prayer in the midst of warfare. Cameron Hedges is a graduate from Biola and Talbot Theological Seminary in Biblical Studies and in Spiritual Direction and Soul Care. He is a former pastor, and a licensed spiritual director. Most importantly, he is a man who deeply loves Jesus and loves to help people in their own journey with Christ.
I’m very excited for my dear brother to be here to share with you all.
Get ready to be Battle Ready!

May God grant you His peace and power this week,