Does the Bible Condone Slavery?

Does the Bible condone Slavery?

It doesn’t seem to say “No” to slavery – so it must be condoning it right? Slavery still exists in the world today – should Christian be people who crusade against slavery or should we just let it go?

These are great questions, and something I’d like to address in our 2nd Look today.

The difficulty with answering a question like this is that once again there seems to be a million miles between the ancient world and today. Slavery in the ancient world looked different than we understand it today. We need to be careful when we consider a question like this – to take their context into mind.

I’d like to share two website links with you that really addresses this question quite well. I have two reasons in doing this –
They address this issue very well and say it as well or better than I could.
I think very highly of these sites and believe they can be very helpful resources for you with a variety of questions.
Here are the links.

May the Lord enable you to experience His grace and peace this week!

Pastor Ryan